Kent Norwood

Principal Architect
General info
Kent Norwood
  • Education
  • Montana State University Master of Architecture Cornell University Associates Degree in Healthcare Facilities Planning & Design
  • Architecture Registrations
  • Missouri Colorado

Kent has extensive expertise in Healthcare, including clinics, professional office buildings and hospitals. His work in other architectural modalities gives him great expertise in many building types. He has a passion for connecting with the patient and improving the experience through design. His work with corpora- tions, government and individuals continues to be a great asset.

Project Experience
  • Greeley, CO. | $2.5 M 10,000 SQ FT Because of a small and valuable site the building was elevat- ed above the parking. The building was set on concrete columns with a steel substructure. It was clad with EFIS and dark gray glazing. It was created to provide a clinical space close to the Hospital.
  • Greeley, CO. | $3.5 M 32-unit apartment complex for people who have suffered Traumatic Brain Injury.Two story wood structure with EFIS clad.
  • Lone Tree
  • Lone Tree, CO. | $22 M
  • Marion Center Renovation
  • Springfield, MO. Study to identify patient capacity and safety.
  • Mercy 3G AHU Replacement
  • Springfield, MO. | $7.5 M Replace main air handling equipment for the hospital. Build new structural deck over 4th floor SPD, install and connect two large air handlers and connect them to the existing systems. Take the old air handlers off line.
  • Mercy Bolivar Clinic
  • Springfield, MO. | $12 M Large multi specialty clinic.
  • Mercy Branson Multispecialty Clinic
  • Branson, MO. | $14 M Large multi specialty clinic.
Joplin Sr. Center
  • Mercy Carthage Hospital Infusion
  • Carthage, MO. | $500,000 Renovate existing space to expand Infusion.
  • Mercy Carthage Lab Renovation
  • Carthage, MO. | $300,000 Renovate existing hospital lab space.
  • Mercy Carth Lab Rooms
  • Springfield, MO. | $1.2 M Three cath lab updates and equipment replacements.
  • Mercy Clinic Hillsboro
  • Hillsboro, MO. | $1.6 M New single pod clinic.
  • Mercy Clinic SGF Republic Road
  • Springfield, MO. | $2.8 M New two pod clinic.
  • Mercy Endoscopy Lower Level H Wing
  • Springfield, MO. | $1 M Convert existing outdated OR’s in to new Endoscopy suite.
Branson Mercy Clinic
  • Mercy ENT Expansion
  • 32 Unit Apartment Complex and Clinic for Traumatic Brain Injury. National Board of Chiropractic Examiners. Well Country Motor Pool Service Center
  • Angiography Springfield
  • Springfield, MO. | $3 M Renovate and expand existing suite.
  • ASC OR & SPD
  • Springfield, MO. | $1.2 M Design existing OR’s for mico surgery and upgrade SPD equipment.
  • Avista POB and ASC
  • Denver, CO. | $20 M 86,000 SQ FT two story with basement. This is still in a concept phase.
  • Allied Physician Surgery Center & Recovery Suite
  • Denver, CO. | $10 M 41,000 SQ FT single story. This included a 30,000 SQ FT ASC with 8 O.R.’s and 2 procedure rooms, and an 11.000 SQ FT recovery suite. The building is a laterally braced steel super structure with brick veneer.
  • Animal Hospital Center
  • Denver, CO. | $10 M 47,000 SQ FT small animal hospital. This facility included exams, x-ray, treatment, surgery, wards and runs. The building is a two story with exterior masonry bearing walls and steel substructure.
  • Beta Project
  • Missouri Mercy Clinic 1 & 2 Pods.
  • Carthage Pharmacy
  • Carthage, MO. Renovate an existing pharmacy to bring it up to USP 800 standards.
  • Centennial Medical Office Building
  • Centennial, CO. | $12 M 57,000 SQ FT three story Professional Office Building linked to the existing clinic. Medical modalities included Dentistry, Ophthalmology, Sports Medicine and General practice. The building is a laterally braced steel super structure and brick veneer.
  • ED Behavior Health Renovation
  • Springfield, MO. | $1.5 M Expand the existing Emergency Department for Behavior Healthcare.
  • Mercy Hammons Heart Institute Pool Infill
  • Springfield, MO. | $1 M Infill existing swimming pool and convert into physical therapy.
  • Mercy Hybrid OR
  • Springfield, MO. | $1.3 M Up grade existing OR to Hybrid OR.
  • Mercy Montclair ASC
  • Springfield, MO. | $500,000 Renovate existing ASC into eye surgery center.
  • MercyNew Chapel Lebanon
  • Springfield, MO. | $500,000 New chapel in existing court yard.
  • Mercy NWA MHC MRI Replacement
  • Northwest, AR. | $500,000 Equipment replacement and room refresh.
  • Mercy NWA MRI Installation
  • Northwest, AR. | $500,000 New MRI in existing shell space.
  • Mercy Pain Management Small Renovation
  • Springfield, MO. | $300,000 Add a procedure room and Pre/Post rooms.
  • Mercy Rolla Clinic Infusion
  • Rolla, MO. | $1 M Renovate existing clinic and infusion to expand infusion.
  • Mercy SCG LL Lab New Planning Study
  • Springfield, MO. Study equipment replacement strategies.
  • Mercy SFG OR 10
  • Springfield, MO. | $600,000 Convert imaging OR into general and microscopic surgery.
  • Mercy SGC Wound Center
  • Springfield, MO. | $1.2 M Renovate exiting clinic into state of the art burn center.
  • Mercy SPD 4th Floor
  • Springfield, MO. | $500,000 Equipment upgrades and work to correct air pressure requirements.
  • Mercy Walk-In Care MEC
  • Springfield, MO. | $1.8 M Renovate multi-use space into large Urgent Care.
  • Cox Health Projects
  • Cox Health Systems Meyer Orthopedic Center Cox Walnut Lawn Outpatient Entry Cox Walnut Lawn Radiology Cox Walnut Lawn Skilled Nursing Cox Walnut Lawn Waiting Room Cox North Hospital D Wing Cox North Hospital Master Plan– 2nd floor Cox North Hospital Women’s Center Cox North Hospital Emergency Room/ Triage Cox North Hospital Pediatrics Cox North Hospital Lab and Toxicology Cox North Hospital Radiology/Mammography Room Cox North Hospital Radiology
  • Mercy Hospital Springfield Marrion Center Masterplan Mercy Hospital Springfield Children’s ED Planning Mercy Hospital Springfield Heart and Vascular Planning Mercy Springfield Heart Hospital Project Mercy Hospital Springfield Hybrid OR Project Mercy Hospital Joplin Hybrid OR Project Mercy Hospital Springfield Dietary Relocation Mercy Clinics Rolla Clinic Renovation Mercy Hospital Joplin Infusion Center Renovation Mercy Hospital Northwest Arkansas Master Plan for addition and expansion Mercy Hospital Northwest Arkansas 7th floor patient room renovations Mercy Hospital Northwest Arkansas Public Space Expansion Mercy Hospital Northwest Arkansas surgical floor expansion Mercy Hospital Northwest Arkansas Patient Tower Mercy Clinics Springdale Master Plan Mercy Clinics Springdale Clinic Mercy Clinics Bolivar Multispecialty Clinic Mercy Clinics Branson Multispecialty Clinic Mercy Clinics Flourecent 2 Pod Clinic Mercy Clinics Ozark 2 Pod Clinic Mercy Clinic Republic Road, 2 Pod Clinic- Republic, MO Mercy Clinic Kearney- 2 Pod Clinic, Springfield, MO Mercy Clinics Barnheart 2 Pod Clinic, St. Louis, MO Mercy Hospital Jefferson Master Plan Mercy Hospital Jefferson Public Space and Wayfinding expansion Mercy Hospital Jefferson Women’s Center Mercy Hospital Jefferson Cardiology Department Renovation Mercy Hospital Jefferson New Cancer Center Mercy Hospital Jefferson New Patient Tower Mercy Hospital Jefferson Clinic Master Plan Mercy Hospital Jefferson New Dietary Renovation Mercy Hospital Jefferson Emergency Department Renovation Mercy Hospital Jefferson Central Utility Plant Renovation Mercy Hospital Jefferson New Imaging Department Mercy Hospital Jefferson Chapel Renovation Mercy Hospital South (St. Anthony’s) New Cancer Center Masterplan Mercy Hospital South (St. Anthony’s) New Cancer Center Mercy Hospital St. Louis Ballas Campus New Outpatient Center Master Plan Mercy Hospital St. Louis New Outpatient Center Concept Design Mercy Hospital Carthage Infusion Mercy Clinic Hillsboro Mercy Clinic Prototype Model Mercy Montclair ASC Mercy Hospital Joplin Behavior Health Expansion Mercy Villa Skilled Nursing Facility Mercy Health, Wellness and Science Academy in Partnership with Springfield Public Schools Mercy 3G AHU Replacement Mercy SPD Renovation Mercy Multispecialty Clinic Bolivar Mercy Multispecialty Clinic Branson Mercy Hospital Carthage Infusion Mercy Hospital Carthage Lab Renovation Mercy Hospital Cath Lab Rooms Mercy Clinic Hillsboro Mercy Clinic Springfield, Republic Road Mercy Endoscopy Lower Level H Wing Mercy ENT Expansion Mercy Hammons Heart Institute Pool Infill Mercy Hybrid OR Mercy Montclair ASC Mercy New Chapel Lebanon Mercy NWA MHC MRI Replacement Mercy NWA MRI Installation Mercy Pain Management Mercy Rolla Clinic MRI Mercy SCG LL Lab New Planning Study Mercy Hospital Springfield OR 10 Micro and General Surgery Mercy Hspital Springfield Wound Center Mercy Walk-In Care MEC Mercy Clinic Cedar Hill Mercy Clinic High Ridge Mercy Montclair Imaging
  • Mercy Healthcare Projects
Jefferson Mercy
  • Foster Health Care Assisted Living Branson Meadows– Branson, MO Foster Health Care Chesterfield Assisted Living Facility– Springfield, MO Physicians Advanced Healthcare Ambulatory Surgery Center– Poplar Bluff, MO Physicians Advanced Healthcare Medical Office Building–Poplar Bluff, MO Physicians Advanced Healthcare Physical Therapy Physicians Advanced Healthcare Doctor’s Offices Missouri Highlands Health Care Big Springs Dental Clinic– Ellington, MO Wilkinson Dental- New Building Preston Dental- New Building Swan Dermatology Renovation Northside Veterinary Services- St. Louis, MO Palm Health- St. Louis, MO Birchpointe Senior Care- Springfield, MO New Clinic Orthopedic Center of the Rockies New Clinic Orthopedic Healthcare Northwest Slocum Center New Clinic Golden Ridge Orthopedic Center New Clinic Mercy Multi-specialty Clinic Rolla Springfield Hospital Emergency Department Behavioral Health Thornton Spine and Orthopedic Center Veterans Affairs Hospital 3rd Floor Surgery Addition Mercy Hospital Angiography New clinic ASC OR & SPD Avista POB & ASC Allied Physician Surgery Center Animal Hospital Center Beta Clinic Project Lebonan Hospital Pharmacy Roll Carthage Pharmacy Centennial Medical Office Building New Clinic Greeley Medical Center Marion Center Behavioral Health Renovation
  • Other Healthcare Projects
Mercy Bolivar Clinic
  • Cox North Hospital Senior Health Cox North Hospital Pain Management Cox North Hospital Dual Diagnosis Cox North Hospital Psych Unit Cox North Hospital Cardio Rehab Unit Cox North Hospital Bio Med Storage Cox North Hospital Detox Unit Cox North Hospital Diabetes Center remodel Cox North Hospital College of Nursing Cox North Hospital Long Term Acute Care Unit Cox North Hospital Pharmacy remodel